GNURadio scheduler

Is there a sample routine, document or youtube video explaining the
GNUradio scheduler? hard to fully understand Gnuradio without it. What
are the files in the Gnuradio that are the core of the scheduler?


Hi Trek,

the scheduler and all the core components holding GNU Radio together are
in gnuradio/gnuradio-runtime. The scheduler is mainly composed of the
files starting with tpb (==thread per block), block_executor, and

, and especially the presentation linked therein. Though it’s from 2013,
the flowcharts on the scheduler’s workings are still valid; you’ll have
to add message handling in the block iteration, but other than that, I
don’t think much has changed.

Other than that: The source code is really its best documentation.
Really, compared to most projects I came across, our source files are
vividly commented, and the list is almost always eager to both explain
concepts and questions regarding any particular line of code, so just
ask :slight_smile: