GNURadio OFDM receiver problem

Hello everybody,

I have 4 USRP-I.

One thing has broken.

The LED doesn’t blink. (The F501 fuse has no problem)

And temperature of DDC (side of altera chip) is burning.

And the other can transmit the OFDM signal.

But, all data has broken and rx cannot receive the signal.

And the other two USRPs can transmit the data, but one thing cannot
receive the data.

If I type the -2.45e9 -d 64 --tx-amplitude 2e4 -R A
and power on the Tx and Rx,

I can see

gr_fir_ccf: using SSE>>> gr_fir_fff : using SSE

and I cannot see any other things.

But when I power off the Tx device, I can see


So, I think it’ll not be the problem of H/W but of Software.

Is there anybody who has same problem?

Thank you for reading.

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