Gnuradio install quit at building grextras

I was installing gnuradio using the build-gnuradio script on ubuntu
12.04 and it froze at “building extra module grextras”. I had to hit the
power button to get out after waiting 6 hrs. I am not familiar with the
software but i can open gnuradio-companion and it looks normal.

I thought that maybe i should restart the script at the point where it
froze but I don’t see where that point would be or how to do it.

Should I just restart the installation from the beginning or what would
I be missing if I just left it as is? If I restart it, do i have to

I don’t know which modules I will want to use yet. I am
hoping to make something that will assist me in listening for and
getting the status of animal collars with VHF transmitters.