GNUradio DVB-S/S2

Hi there

Just a quick question related to GNUradio.

Is it possible to use USRP2 + WBX + Gnuradio to send DVB-S or S2 signals
a satellite set top box (using a cable)

I am trying to emulate an OTA update on a box I have which tunes to a
specific Freq/Transponder to “download” its OS.

Please let me know



Hello Dinos,

As no one has answered you I will have a try.

Physically the USRP can send DVB-S and DVB-S2
the main problem may well be the symbol rate
you require to mimic the satellite transponder.

As far as Gnuradio S/W is concerned I am not
aware of anything that will do what you want at the

I have written some DVB-S and DVB-T code and am
in the process of writing DVB-S2 code but
none support the data services you require.

My code is not publicly available as it needs to be
cleaned up and made pretty first.

Eventually (time frame undecided) I and a group of other
Radio Amateurs intend releasing all the code and a
companion low cost 1.3 GHz transmitter USB dongle to go with it.
Currently the USRP2 is being used as a development platform.

  • Charles