GNUradio debugging and stepping


I was wondering if there was a simple method that allows someone to
step through a gnuradio flow graph like you might when using a
debugger. I have tried using gdb, but the swig/python stuff gives a
whole lot of clutter.

I’m not even sure it’s possible given the way the gnuradio handles
scheduling, but is there a way to build a graph and step through it
sample by sample, watching the outputs from each block?


Hi Jason

I’ve been wanting something like that also, and one of the tricks
that have been working well is to dump the streams to a file.
If you want to visualize everything in sync, you can interleave
samples from different points of the flow graph and sink it to a file.
You can use audacity to import the raw samples for easy visualization.
I’d be curious to know of other solutions for this.