Gnuradio-companion & hamlib bodging


In gnuradio-companion, I’m tring to control my KX3 transceiver using
hamlib’s rigctl utility.

I’ve bodged a call to:
float(“rigctl -m 229 -r /dev/ttyUSB0 -s 38400 f”))
in a variable block’s value, and then used that to set the wxgui
waterfall sink’s baseband frequency, which works but i’m trying to
figure out 2 more things.

  1. Can i do something similar to set the KX3’s vfo frequency? a similar
    command to rigctl can be used if i can bodge the call into Freq Set
    Varname somehow.

  2. Somehow i need to accommodate physical knobulation of the VFO on the
    radio, and keep the waterfall scale in sinc with the radio, i.e. by
    polling the same command i’ve used above. Is there any chance i can do
    that via similar bodging in gnuradio-companion, or, am I actually going
    to have to write actually write some code?


Darren, G0HWW