GNU radio with Wubi vs. MATLAB/Simulink 2010b

Hey folks,

I’m trying to work out the differences between GNU radio and
2010b when working with the USRP2 software defined radio. Tasks will be
FM/PM and OFDM de/modulation.

MATLAB/Simulink is our standard signal processing tool and is used in a
Windows 7 (64 bit) environment. For performance test GNU radio should be
installed on the same computer (which runs Windows 7 and MTLAB) using
10.4 as operating system. The easiest way to install Ubuntu on this
seems to be Wubi, but I’m not sure if it is reasonable to use the
partition for a performance.

So my question is if you could give me any details on the GNU radio
performance in Wubi vs. a standard Ubuntu environment?

Regards and thanks,