GNU Radio releases 3.7.3 and

GNU Radio releases 3.7.3 and are available for download:

MD5 sums:

a51e1c2860d6b289233e453d4085514f gnuradio-3.7.3.tar.gz
2b2c11c8df0bec0879033ca74b6264a3 gnuradio-

The release is a bug-fix only release, accumulating all the
fixes that have occurred since the release.

Release 3.7.3 contains all of the above, and new features as well that
are compatible within the 3.7 API.

h2. Contributors to this release

We’d like to thank the large list of people below for their
contributions to the GNU Radio Project:

Release notes may be found at:


The GNU Radio 3.7.3 Release is in MacPorts, and contains a massive
overhaul of the OSX native audio interface that fixes all known bugs /
issues with it as well as adds device selection by name and other cool
features. To update, you’ll want to do the following, minimally:

sudo port sync
sudo port upgrade gnuradio

or, if you want to be thorough:

sudo port selfupdate
sudo port upgrade outdated

This update should work for both gnuradio (3.7.3) and gnuradio-devel
(3.7.4 git 69dcaa75). Enjoy! - MLD

Michael D., OSX Programmer
Ettus R. Technical Support
Email: [email protected]

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