GNU Radio releases and 3.7.1 available for download

GNU Radio releases and 3.7.1 are available for download:

MD5 sums:

0a21d3342f58f77f8923803d6bfbb133 gnuradio-
6c5e67da6ed8724dd900d8e343b64be4 gnuradio-3.7.1.tar.gz

Release is a bug-fix only release based off 3.7.0, while release
3.7.1 has new 3.7 API compatible features in addition to all the same

Contributors this release:

Alexandru C. [email protected]
Andrej Lajovic [email protected]
Andrew F. Davis [email protected]
Clayton Smith [email protected]
Doug G. [email protected]
Jiri Pinkava [email protected]
Johnathan C. [email protected]
Josh B. [email protected]
Julien Olivain [email protected]
Marcus M. [email protected]
Michael D. [email protected]
Mike J. [email protected]
Miklos M. [email protected]
Nathan W. [email protected]
Nicholas C. [email protected]
Nicholas McCarthy [email protected]
Philip B. [email protected]
Roy T. [email protected]
Stefano B. [email protected]
Tim N. [email protected]
Tim O’Shea [email protected]
Timo Lindfors [email protected]
Tom R. [email protected]
Volker S. [email protected]

Release notes:


Detailed release notes follow.

Important new features:

GRC Bus Ports (Nicholas McCarthy)

Bus ports in the GNU Radio Companion (GRC) allow ganging block

or output ports into a single port for display and connections.

simplifies flowgraph entry when dealing with blocks that work with

arbitrary number of

For further information, see:

Minor features/updates (3.7.1):

atsc: created and removed obsolete scripts (Andrew D.)
blocks: added interleaved_char_to_complex block (Tim O’Shea)
blocks: Added QA code for all ControlPort probe types. (Tom R.)
blocks: adding a complex VCO block. (Tom R.)
blocks: adding a tags strobing block to help test tag stream. (Tom
blocks: modified tag_debug block to publish number of tags queued (Tom
build: Windows packages automatically include compiler runtime DLLs
(Nicholas C.)
build: installing all cmake files into lib/cmake/gnuradio directory (Tom
channels: Added hardware impairments blocks from Matt E.’ GRCon11
(Tom R.)
channels: added second channel model to dynamically change freq/timing
offsets. (Tom R.)
channels: updated quantization demo for new histogram constructor (Tom
channels: using new qtgui histogram sink in quantization demo. (Tom
digital: added lo_offset and external clock utilisation to OFDM (Mike
digital: added lo_offset and external clock source to narrowband
(Mike J.)
digital: delay ofdm benchmark_tx exit to allow TX to empty (Mike
filter: added optional second input that dynamically adjusts resampling
rate (Tom R.)
grc: Sorts the block tree column at start-up. (Julien Olivain)
grc: Remove *out from sinks, *in from sources (Marcus M.)
grc: allow set_min_output_buffer on any blocks that have output ports
grc: added special variable objects to represent constellations (Tom
qtgui: Added histogram sink (Tom R.)
runtime: added tag_propagation_policy_t to block_gateway (Marcus M.)
runtime: Improved display handling for gr-ctrlport-monitor (Tim N.)
runtime: Added probes for byte, short, and int data types (Tom R.)
runtime: allow setting thread affinity to all blocks under a hier_block2
(Tom R.)
uhd: squashed per-channel stream support (Josh B.)

Bug Fixes (3.7.1,

analog: agc3_cc: Fix uninitialized variable error. (Philip B.)
analog: agc3_cc: bug fix for input values of zero (Tim O’Shea)
atsc: Fix bugs in atsc_field_sync_mux (Clayton Smith)
blocks: expose set_period callback for blocks.message_strobe in GRC (Tim
blocks: moved type conversions to use Volk dispatchers. (Tom R.)
blocks: set file_descriptor_source default to repeat=false (Tom R.)
build: don’t install controlport config file in two places (Tom R.)
build: fix for finding and handling ICE 3.5 or 3.4 (Tom R.)
build: fix to allow reconfiguring install prefix (Johnathan C.)
build: fixed some differences between handling Ice 3.4 and 3.5. (Tom
build: fixes FindQwt cmake module to check that Qwt is >= 5.2.0. (Tom
build: force detection to Python 2.x only (Julien Olivain)
build: more robust FindICE operation with multiple ICE installs (Tom
build: require Python v2 for build configuration (Jiri Pinkava)
digital: fix digital.cpmmod_bc XML for new constants location (Johnathan
digital: fix for OFDM serializer QA after FFT block fix (Johnathan
digital: fix for moving average filter in OFDM equalizer. (Stefano
digital: ofdm benchmark_rx fft conflict fix (Mike J.)
docs: Fixes sphinx docs for user set LD_LIBRARY_PATH (Tom R.)
docs: Minor corrections, fixes to ControlPort documentation. (Tom
docs: Updated and improved the message passing docs page. (Tom R.)
docs: added doc page on Performance Counters. (Tom R.)
docs: added documentation of the stream tags interface. (Tom R.)
docs: added information about the new pfb_arb_resampler kernel. (Tom
examples: fix examples using 3.7 API without importing namespaces
fec: fix uninitialized class member in decode_ccsds_27 (Johnathan
fft: Remove the default constructor for fft::goertzel. (Philip B.)
fft: fix XML import for logpwrfft block (Andrej Lajovic)
fft: fix missing set_window call on initialization (Johnathan C.)
grc: added utf8 encoding line to python templates (Marcus M.)
grc: applying hidapi update patch from Hans de Goede (Volker S.)
grc: fix to allow grcc to execute in headless mode (Roy T.)
grc: fixes grcc to exit with error in case of a compilation error.
modtool: fixes using templates in OOT projects created with modtool.
modtool: more robust checks for gnuradio-runtime include dirs and libs.
(Tom R.)
modtool: fix finding gnuradio-runtime (Jiri Pinkava)
modtool: fix detection of GNU Radio module directory (Jiri Pinkava)
qtgui: fix missing API declarations (Nicholas McCarthy)
qtgui: fixes some bugs between qwt 5 and 6, some reorg. (Tom R.)
runtime: Fixed runtime SWIG linker error (Nicholas C.)
runtime: fix asynch messages delivery when handler not defined (Tim
runtime: fix hier_block2 disconnect_all() (Johnathan C.)
runtime: fixed copy/paste error in (Alexandru C.)
runtime: vmcircbuf_sysv_shm workaround for shmem race condition (Tim
uhd: fix GRC wrapper generation to match UHD change (fixes #562) (Timo
uhd: fix USRP config info strings to account for B2x0 (Nicholas C.)
volk: fix ARM test functions that resulted in an infinite loop (Tom
volk: fix xgetbv tests for OSX/gcc (Michael D.)
volk: fix QA test to use non-integer multiples of register sizes (Doug
volk: fix Volk profiler to use non integer multiples of register sizes
(Doug G.)
wxgui: Prevent crash displaying a tooltip before initialization (Miklos

Has gruel been removed from gnuradio?

It is not included in versions 3.7.0 or 3.7.1

Unfortunate if gruel been dropped because neither source or binary files
are available for arm or armhf devices.

This negates the possibility for owners of arm or armhf devices to
compile and install gr-ais which depends on gruel.


Sorry about this separate post, a supplement to my last, but I cannot
edit the post even though it has been much longer than 15 minutes since
it was posted.

Is this the new location of gruel in the file structure?
/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/gru Does not seem plausible to
me since the included features produced from cmake do not include gruel.
But, no harm in asking…



Just a quick note that I have now updated the gqrx/snapshots PPA to
GNU Radio 3.7.1. The repository supports i386, amd64 and armhf


On Thu, Aug 29, 2013 at 11:58 PM, Johnathan C.

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