GNU Radio releases and 3.6.4 available for download

GNU Radio releases and 3.6.4 are now available for download.

Release is a bug-fix only update to 3.6.3, and has no new

Release 3.6.4 has both bug fixes and new features.

MD5 sums:

c05a20a380532b7bce45465ba247f2d6 gnuradio-
320a7f18593ec493e1061141f23c9a86 gnuradio-3.6.4.tar.gz


Johnathan C.
Corgan Labs


  Balint S. <[email protected]>
  Ben R. <[email protected]>
  Johnathan C. <[email protected]>
  Josh B. <[email protected]>
  Julien Olivain <[email protected]>
  Martin B. <[email protected]>
  Mike J. <[email protected]>
  Nicholas C. <[email protected]>
  Roy T. <[email protected]>
  Sylvain M. <[email protected]>
  Tim O'Shea <[email protected]>
  Tom R. <[email protected]>

Important new features (3.6.4):

  Ability to set processor affinity for GNU Radio blocks

  Tom R. has implemented the ability to set processor
  affinity per block in a flowgraph.  This allows the developer to
  limit the execution of a GNU Radio block thread to a set of one
  or more cores, helping optimize inter-core resources in a
  multicore system.


  Inclusion of gr_modtool by Martin B.

  Previously available as a stand-alone utility, the gr_modtool
  application for creating out-of-tree GNU Radio blocks has been
  integrated within the main GNU Radio software distribution.  The
  features and functionality are the same, but it is now no longer
  necessary to download this separately. See:

  Use of GNU Radio preferences in native C++ applications

  Tom R. has ported the GNU Radio preferences system to allow
  its use in GNU Radio applications implemented in C++.  Prior to
  this, it was only possible to access the preferences file from
  Python.  Until the new manual is updated on, you
  can see the raw commit here:

  Addition of GNU Radio block performance counters

  Tom R. has implemented a new capability to allow monitoring
  of peformance statistics of blocks inside a running
  flowgraph. This is an experimental feature that has not received
  a great deal of usage.  For more details, see:

Minor features/changes (3.6.4):

  atsc: added single decode Python script (Ben R.)
  atsc: made equalizer taps accessible in python. (Ben R.)
  blocks: added 3.7 API versions of count_bits, threshold, strech,

throttle (Tom R.)
blocks: added 3.7 API versions of peak_detector2, regenerate,
transcendental (Tom R.)
cmake: added Fedora 18 packaging information (Nicholas C.)
cmake: allow 64-bit systems to use Boost in non-standard locations
(Nicholas C.)
core: added min_noutput_items to gr_block API (Ben R.)
core: added operator == for tags (Martin B.)
core: added remove_tag_item() (Martin B.)
core: enabled msg_connect within python blocks (Roy T.)
core: added gr_random_pdu message passing block (Tim O’Shea)
core: added gr_fastnoise_source, default for gr_channel_model (Tim
core: added GRC callback for gr_throttle sample_rate (Tim O’Shea)
core: added a mutex to gr_block to sync setters and work function
(Tom R.)
digital: improved constellation_receiver_cv documentation (Ben
digital: made the demod examples clearer (Martin B.)
digital: added simple_correlator (inverse of simple_framer) to
gruel: changed scoped_lock mutex to account for Boost deprecation
(Johnathan C.)
grc: pull in documentation for blocks from other GR modules.
howto: added example for Python blocks (Martin B.)
pmt: added python converters (Martin B.)
uhd: added click to change freq for uhd_fft (Mike J.)
wxgui: dead code removal and formatting cleanup (Sylvain M.)
wxgui: implemented persistence without using glAccum (Sylvain

Bug fixes (, 3.6.4):

  analog: fixed floating point accuracy issue in CTCSS squelch (Tom

blocks: fixed use of bare boost::mutex::scoped_lock (Johnathan
blocks: fixed missing include in file_source_impl (Josh B.)
cmake: fixed chrono as a necessary Boost library under MSVC
cmake: allow user to override check for bad versions of boost (Tom
cmake: disable certain Boost versions we know are buggy to fix
#513. (Tom R.)
cmake: fixing generated includes, deps, and header installation.
core: fixed gr_pdu_to_tagged_stream XML for type (Johnathan
core: fixed gr_message_debug for printing PDUs (Johnathan C.)
core: fixed missing include in gr_socket_pdu (Josh B.)
core: fixed missing include for gruel thread (Josh B.)
core: fixed redundant test settings (Josh B.)
core: fixed gr_random_pdu MSVC incompatibility issue (Nicholas
core: fixed missing include to gr_block_registry.h (Tim O’Shea)
digital: fixed bug in (Ben R.)(thanks
digital: fixed pfb_clock_sync grc xml file for loop bandwidth (Ben
filter: fixed synthesis filter output rate when using 2x
oversampling. (Tom R.)
grc: fixed failing drag-n-drop in GRC on Windows (Balint S.)
grc: fixed Bug #485 by gracefully exiting (Martin B.)
grc: fixed problem of GRC_BLOCKS_PATH not being set in Windows
(Nicholas C.)
howto: fixed block parameters documentation (Julien Olivain)
uhd: fixed gain defaults in usrp_wfm_rcv*.py examples (Mike
uhd: fixed default midpoint gain for example
uhd: fixed example receive path (Mike J.)
uhd: fixed audio_alsa_sink busy using default in several examples
(Mike J.)
volk: fixed bad find_package missing components (Josh B.)
volk: fixed cmake, the profiler is no longer strictly unix (Josh
volk: fixed volk_profile MSVC incompatibility (Nicholas C.)

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MD5 sums:
Mike J. <[email protected] mailto:[email protected]>

locations (Nicholas C.)
digital: improved constellation_receiver_cv documentation (Ben
uhd: added click to change freq for uhd_fft (Mike J.)
core: fixed missing include in gr_socket_pdu (Josh B.)
oversampling. (Tom R.)
examples (Mike J.)
Are you planning to build the “deb” binaries for both these new releases
of gnuradio ?

thanks in advance, Arturo