GNU Radio release 3.5.2 tarballs available for download

GNU Radio release 3.5.2 tarballs are available for download:

  • Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

Ben R. (3):
Added digital_constellation_receiver_cb.xml file
Fixed bug in digital_qam_demod.xml

Jaroslav Skarvada (1):
Fix compilation with gcc-4.7

Johnathan C. (37):
noaa: add pkgconfig file for C++ library
uhd: add utility function to convert raw gr_message to
uhd: add async message print option to apps
howto: various fixes cmake, cleanup
cmake: remove QUIET option from some listfiles
howto: fix cmake swig header installation
Revert “dpkg rejects “vX.X.X” version number because it doesn’t
start with a number, CMake assigns “X.X.X” version number to generated
build: fix autotools for gnuradio-core volkification
vocoder: fix typos in added block xml
vocoder: add xml blocks to autotools build
core: add null constructors to sync_* blocks
build: update from canonical config files
build: update revision to 3.5.2
build: update revision to 3.5.2git

Josh B. (6):
cmake: fix for cmake 2.6 with library extras mode
gruel: hrt under bsd should use clock gettime
qtgui: better findqwt.cmake with standard paths
core: fix floor ambiguous overload in vcc fftw
grc: fix install permissions on grc_setup_freedesktop
grc: better error for import gr fail

Marcus L. (8):
core: fix for off-by-one issue in strip chart. Increases buffer
size for longer displays.
core: the burst_tag block can have user-defined keys and values
for the tags when a burst is on or off instead of static values.
Defaults are the same. Use set_true_tag and set_false_tag to override
core: fix for off-by-one issue in strip chart. Increases buffer
size for longer displays.
uhd: fix for uhd_fft to work with basicRx d’board.
uhd: fix for uhd_fft to work with basicRx d’board.
io: fix triggering and performance issues with oscope;
specifically for the strip-chart features.
core: enable use of fftw’s threading capabilities.
gui: better handling of buffers in oscope for

Marcus Mueller (2):
docs: swig_docs don’t look at operators when building Python
docs: applying operator fix to howto-write-a-block, too.

Martin B. (3):
cmake: adding uninstall target for howto-write-a-block-cmake.
docs: removing old Doxygen groups (radar and usrp(2)).
Fixed GRC bindings for vocoder (this also fixes GRC example

Michael D. (4):
uhd: fix source block xml file generation
digital: install OFDM examples into installed examples directory.
allow any input hardware audio rate; fix use of deprecated
function ‘AudioHardwareGetProperty’
qtgui: More search options for qwt libraries, specifically for OSX.

Michael L Dickens (1):
small tweaks to get stream sizes “more correct”

Nicholas C. (5):
Fixed mislabeled dependencies for Fedora 15
dpkg rejects “vX.X.X” version number because it doesn’t start
with a number, CMake assigns “X.X.X” version number to generated
CMake package uses “X.X.X” version number instead of “vX.X.X”
Installer filename more clearly separates “gnuradio”, version, and
Changes Windows installer filename to match naming convention of
Ubuntu and Fedora installers

Nick F. (3):
volk: fix for newer orc.
Volk: add scalar const support to the profiler/QA code. Disabled
volk_32fc_s32fc_multiply_32fc_a’s Orc impl due to it not working.
Remove ORC invocation since // doesn’t dissuade the generator.

Philip B. (3):
Try really hard to get cmake to use compiler flags from the
toolchain file.
Do not rewrite path to python interpreter for cross builds.

Tom R. (123):
build: maybe towards a better way of getting Doxygen docstrings
to build with -jN.
build: not going to work. Removing changes to cmake files and no
sync call.
build: have swig_doc catch the exception when the xml parsing
fails on a not-complete file.
docs: another recheck point in the siwg_doc code. If a parse
error happens, try rereading up to 3 times.
digital: added get/set functions to mpsk_receiver_cc for theta
(phase offset), omega relative limit, and modulation order.
docs: another hack to check for errors and retry when building
the swigdocs.
digital: fixing up BERT interfaces. Also added a gain control to
the tx side (so options.amplitude is actually used).
core: fixed bug in FFT shift operation.
docs: another try/except/rerun spot.
noaa: add pc file for gr-noaa to m4 file.
sched: first attempt at working with aligned data sets. A block
has an indicator on whether or not the buffers are aligned; they can
use this to determine which Volk function to use or if to use Volk at
core: link to Volk.
core: test case of using Volk to convert from float to short.
sched: forgot to turn debugging off.
build: look for local volk headers instead of installed.
sched: better comments. Handling of noutput_items adjustment done
better and documented.
volk: float_to_short now clips the values instead of wrapping
volk: fix a warning.
volk: float_to_int and float_to_char updated to clip instead of
wrap around. The float to int clips at smaller than 2^32 because of
the limits of the float representation.
core: moved float_to_X type converters over to use Volk calls.
QA: type converter QA codes added and updated for Volk. Some
small differences between Volk and non-Volk for rounding issues are
made here.
volk: cleaned up float_to_X to be Volk-only and added vlen and
scale to constructor to set the vector length and a free scaling with
the data.
core: minor tweaks to float_to_X
core: short_to_X: adding short_to_char block using Volk; made
Volk version of short_to_float.
core: cleanup short_to_float.
core: QA codes for float_to_X and short_to_X (note: float_to_int
needs work).
core: more conversion work to Volk for type converters.
core: more type converters in Volk; adding char_to_short converter.
core: update for new type converters.
volk: fix lower bound of int conversion.
volk: added unaligned volk function for magnitude of a complex
volk: added volk magnitiude squared functions (aligned/unaligned)
for complex numbers.
core: switched complex to mag and mag_squared to use Volk
core: minor edits.
volk: adding complex to imag kernel.
core: complex_to_xxx (float, real, imag, arg) to volk.
core: fixing up complex_to_xxx for using Volk where appropriate.
Speed benchmark were used to decide which implementation to use.
core: redo fft_filter (complex and float) with Volk.
volk: adding unaligned versions of complex multiply a constant
and complex multiply 2 streams.
sched: better working alignment handling.
volk: improving performance of multiply_const and multiply two
core: moving multiply_cc and multiply_const_cc out of gengen and
into general so they can make use of volk calls.
volk: adding new Volk functions added in this branch to the
volk_profile tool and installing it into $prefix/bin.
volk: adding new functions to Makefile.
core: more fixes when moving files from gengen to general.
core: add functions to set/get nthreads of gri FFT object.
core: expose nthreads capabilities to gr_fft_vcc.
core: expose nthreads setting through to fft_filters.
core: fix a warning.
docs: fixed some markup of formulas between html and xml (and
therefore the swigdocs).
core: updated missed vfc version of fft block to use nthreads.
grc: add nthread parameter to FFT-based blocks.
docs: better handling of html only for formulas.
cmake: fix for handling fftw_threads as an optional library only.
core: moving multiply_const_ff from gengen to general to take
advantage of volk.
sched: some added protections and checks for the alignment states.
volk: new unaligned versions of float multipliers.
core: new multiply_const_ff and multiply_ff blocks done using Volk.
volk: added unaligned version of adding 2 vectors.
core: added volk version of add_ff.
volk: added a 32fc multiply conjugate kernel.
core: added Volk-optimized gr_multiply_conjugate_cc at one block
with QA code.
volk: fixed complex multiply and conjugate kernel to use xor for
volk: adding complex conjugate kernel.
core: using volk for conjugate block and added QA code for it.
volk: adding an examples directory with scripts to benchmark and
compare volk-optimized GR blocks.
core: fixed alignment call for char_to_short.
volk: test commands for measuring type conversion performance.
volk: improved GR benchmark and plotting utilities.
volk: better args for benchmarking volk tests; can specify a list
of test numbers.
core: reverting float_to_int to non-Volk due to precision/wrapping
volk: added some documentation to the Doxygen manual explaining
Volk and how to use it.
volk: better handling of plot for error bars. Older versions of
pylab don’t like the kwargs.
core: change alignment requirement.
volk: can specify a table to calculate the percent improvement
against instead of just the raw numbers.
volk: complex_to_arg doesn’t actually use Volk. No need to
benchmark it.
volk: added README file to explain how to run the benchmark tests
and plotting tool.
core: allowing delay to be dynamic for runtime changes to
core: core: change to the delay QA code.
copyright adjustment.
core: in delay block, protect against repeated calls to set_delay
with the same value.
core: protection if set_delay is called before the last delay
update has finished.
digital: fixed comments for new parameters.
volk: float to short conversion is consistent between archs and
tail cases. Rounds to nearest number.
digital: forgot to include new xml in
docs: setting up ability to link to example files in the Doxygen
manual. Using the PFB as a test.
volk: include config.h to have rintf in windows/msvc.