GNU Radio Release

This is a bug fix release to address certain issues with libvolk on
32-bit machines.

The new release tarball is at:

  • Log -----------------------------------------------------------------

Johnathan C. (2):
build: updated ignores
update revision to v3.5.2.1

Josh B. (2):
cmake: add slackware detection
volk: set local includes first for precedence

Nicholas C. (1):
cmake: Windows uses size of void* to determine x86 vs. x64 and
names installer .exe accordingly

Tom R. (4):
core: makes sure that the Fourier taps for the FFT filter are
volk: makes the float-to-int conversion consistent and fixes an
overflow bug on 32-bit machines.
volk: turning off sse implementation of complex dot product for
32-bit machines until it’s fixed.