GNU Radio Release 3.5.1 available

The release tarballs are available here:

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Johnathan C. (7):
Merge branch ‘maint’
Merge branch ‘maint’
Merge branch ‘maint’
Merge branch ‘maint’
core: comment out QA debug output
build: update canonical config files
build: update revision to 3.5.1

Josh B. (8):
qtgui: include QT_USE_FILE only when enabled
cmake: fix QUIET arg usage on PKG_CHECK_MODULES
uhd: added a finite acquisition call to usrp source
grc: the check for pygtk can fail with no X session
cmake: added swig version check
gr: sync the filesystem before python can parse doxygen
core: fix gr_udp_sink by including asio
volk: fix overrule detection (cant reply on cpu name)

Julien Olivain (1):
runtime: improve hier_block2 error messages

Marcus L. (1):
uhd: adds support for different over-the-wire data formats for UHD
and siggen apps.

Nick F. (1):
core: API exposure patch.

Thomas T. (1):
uhd: bug fix for GIL issues in bin_statistics. The program looks like it’s working again.

Timo Juhani Lindfors (1):
gnuradio-core: fix typo in documentation

Tom R. (57):
docs: if DOXYGEN_ENABLE is false, don’t build the swigdocs, either.
volk: fixed some of the simpler warnings.
docs: fixed ending of if statement.
volk: remove warning about implicit declaration of sqrt.
vocoder: fixed some unused vars warnings.
Most of these warnings are coming from swig-generated sources. They
are almost never an actual problem, so just turn the warning off.
docs: fixing format of link in simply_framer_sync. Helps older
versions understand the link format.
build: moved docs to be the first item checked/configured to give
other components access to ENABLE_DOXYGEN.
Merge remote-tracking branch ‘jblum/cmake_qtgui_fix’
Merge branch ‘maint’
uhd: removes usrpm that should not have been there anymore (patch
Sam Bretheim).
uhd: fixes to instantiating UHD devices to set the antenna and
subdevice properly (patch from Sam Bretheim).
Merge branch ‘maint’
digital: fixed QA code copy/paste error.
digital: fixed QA code copy/paste error.
Merge branch ‘maint’
digital: exposed setting FLL loop bandwidth factor in GRC; must
been overlooked initially.
filters: added accessor functions to FFT and FIR filter classes to
return vector of taps.
core: added accessors to noise_source to get type and amplitude of
core: added accessors to get all settable values of the
digital: added a class, digital_mpsk_snr_est_cc, that estimates the
SNR of an M-ary PSK signal.
digital: made separate implementation classes for the different SNR
digital: using impl SNR estimator classes instead of function
digital: added a probe (sink) for the new SNR estimators; also
up Makefiles and Swig files for SNR est blocks.
digital: fixing up blocks to use SNR est classes more
digital: QA code for SNR estimators.
digital: adding an example program for the SNR estimators with
code to compare.
digital: adding documentation for SNR estimators; added an
for M2M4 type that allows the user to set the kurtosis of the signal and
noise, if known, to work with non-MPSK and non-AWGN channels (untested).
digital: fixed QA code for SNR estimator SVR name change.
digital: added documentation for SNR estimators; made a Doxygen
for them. Also set the alpha value to a default of 0.001; most won’t
to change this.
digital: SNR estimators just take a complex vector; not full vector
complex vectors.
digital: snr probe passing just the 0th input stream to SNR
digital: the SNR estimator block now issues a tag with the SNR (key

‘snr’). The number of samples between when the tag is sent is set in the
constructor (default = 10000) and can be changed.
digital: update to qa and example code for new constructor with
tag_nsamples arg.
digital: fixed documentation of parameters.
digital: adding SNR nsamples set/get functions in swig i file.
digital: added tag_nsamples placeholder into SNR probe block.
digital: somewhat strange buy necessary fix for autotools build
Merge branch ‘maint’
pfb: updated and hopefully better documentation of the PFB clock
pfb: bug fix for ccf version of the PFB clock sync to handle the
d_osps parameter better.
Merge branch ‘maint’
scheduler: first attempt at being able to set an upper limit on the
noutput_items for all blocks in a flowgraph.
scheduler: access to set max noutput_items in start method through
pfb: bug fix for ccf version of the PFB clock sync to handle the
d_osps parameter better.
Merge branch ‘maint’
scheduler: if the block is an interpolator that needs a minimum of
some number of outputs based on the inputs, let it. This is an
(actually, necessary) exception to the specified limit.
scheduler: add default (large) max noutput_items to C++ run
digital: bug fix for FLL QA test. Use a seed to always generate the
same test sequence.
Merge branch ‘maint’
scheduler: added argument to wxGUI’s stdapp that allows a user to
specify the max_noutput_items when building a wxGUI application.
Merge branch ‘max_noutputs’
Revert “volk: remove warning about implicit declaration of sqrt.”
volk: tell Orc compiler to include math.h to find some generic
functions (sqrt).
volk: minor changes to fix some warnings.
Remove some more warnings. I’m probably being a bit OCD about these
ones, but it makes the build output so much nicer…
Merge branch ‘maint’