GNU Radio out-of-tree module with CMake

Hey guys,

while porting our Spectral Estimation Toolbox to CMake I realized, that
the outcome [1] might be also interesting for other people.

I threw out some stuff which most people will not need from our project
(like linking our Fortran code) and adapted the
./create-gnuradio-out-of-tree-project [2] to download the tarball from
my webserver.

However, it still needs some testing and tweaking and feedback is always

As I’m quite new to CMake there also might be some more elegant (less
stupid) ways to do stuff.

Also big thanks to Josh for doing the GNU Radio CMake port, that enabled
me to borrow huge parts.

All the best & happy hacking


[1] GitHub - mfischer/gr-specest: See the cgran url