Gnu radio installation fail

Dear GNU Radio Users,

I have been facing the gnu radio installation problem for quite some
time , The following errors are shown in the terminal when i try to
install it using the commands:

1)git clone gnuradio.git - GNU Radio

it shows Cloning into ‘gnuradio’…
error: Unable to find ade901dfbda2490f6f91e8036a57cf4742cde52e under
Cannot obtain needed commit ade901dfbda2490f6f91e8036a57cf4742cde52e
while processing commit cf8997ccc1e9c543aa234e561e7f002a176e13dc.
error: Fetch failed.

2)if i use git clone git://

it shows Cloning into ‘gnuradio’…
fatal: unable to connect to[0:]: errno=Connection timed out[1:]: errno=Connection timed out

please let me know whats going wrong here, i understood that it could
not reach the gnuradio repository, is there any method to solve this

A.Bhuvana Chandra,
[email protected]