Gnu radio installation error

Hi all,

         I have a problem after cloning the gnuradio .when i execute

cmake command i’m getting the below error.i installed all the packages

CMake Error at volk/CMakeLists.txt:79

Please can anybody help me

Hi Sadhya,
usually, there is a line that follows that error, describing what went
That would be interesting here.


Sandhya, please always reply to the list. Maybe remove the formatting,
makes things easier on my eyes at least :wink:

You’re still ommitting relevant information.
Why did you follow the specific “how to make CMake work different
systems” build guide instead of the “official” installation / build
guide? Using pybombs should take care of all your installation needs.
Describe your system… OS, distribution (if applyable), version. Put
the build log somewhere (github gist, pastebin, attachement, whatever).
How exactly did you install boost? The page you are referring to doesn’t
say anything about how, but only that you should install boost. Usually,
you should be able to get boost via your system’s package management
(unless you are using windows…).