GNU Radio distribution and build from source

I think the distribution and build system needs some improvement.

I say that because a disproportionate amount of traffic on this list
to pertain to building the software from source. It shouldn’t be this
given the tools that are available.

Mike H., N4PLE

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On Tue, May 27, 2014 at 10:12 AM, Marcus L. [email protected]

o pybombs
Gnu Radio, like many modern pieces of software has a metric tonne of

So, short of the Gnu Radio project inventing their own,
yet-another-build-system, and ditching all the dependencies and writing
from “bare metal”, I’m not sure that the path forward would be any
different than what we have now.

And I agree that it /should/ be easy. But the thing is, I think that it
/is/ easy. However… One issue is that the project has evolved a lot
its lifetime and a lot even in the past year. So that means that a)
a lot of bad information out there about working with older releases and
people want the latest and greatest. So they try one thing, and it only
gives them an older version, like 3.6, so they want to update. Without
properly removing everything from their system, they try and build from
scratch or use on of the build tools Marcus mention, which then causes
conflicts. Many of the installation questions are really related to
and it just happens to be GNU Radio that’s causing them to run into
OS problems.


On 27/05/14 15:21, Tom R. wrote:

? *some* of the "top" distributions "out there", but can't
re-build all that functionality from "bare metal".?  Modern software
?  above??  Well, the folks who write our Cmake files cannot, as a

Marcus mention, which then causes conflicts. Many of the installation

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Ubuntu supplies 3.7.2 for 14.04, Fedora 20 and openSUSE supply 3.7.3 but
I prefer to build my own.

I use SDR apps such as quisk, qsdr and ghpsdr3-alex which have quite a
number of dependencies that help to reduce the number needed by
gnuradio. I needed only about 4 to build the latest git on Fedora 20.

Once I have built those apps, especially ghpsdr3-alex which details a
number of pre-reqs to be installed, it makes light work of building

I use 3 cmake scripts, one for x86_64, one for Ubuntu x86_64 and one for
Ubuntu ARM.

x86_64 openSUSE and Fedora which use /usr/lib64

cmake -DPYTHON_EXECUTABLE=/usr/bin/python2.7

Ubuntu x86_64 which uses /usr/lib

cmake -DPYTHON_EXECUTABLE=/usr/bin/python2.7

ARM Ubuntu on Pandaboard, ODROID-X and Parallella-16.

cmake -DPYTHON_EXECUTABLE=/usr/bin/python2.7

73 … Sid.