GNU Radio Cross Reference Tool

Hi everyone,

This is a very nice online tool that was recently introduced to me. I
it’s valuable enough that it should be shared to everyone.

It lets you search all gnuradio directories (of the metager hosted
server setup) for keywords, and will then show you any files that
the keyword in their name OR contain the keyword in their contents. It
also show you a snippet of the file contents around the keyword you
searched for.

If you’ve ever need to search for source, this is the tool for you.

I don’t know how often that servers gnuradio install is updated, or any
details on their situation at all.


Thanks, Richard, I didn’t know this tool existed.

That said, there are excellent tools for searching the source tree
available through the command line. My favourite is ‘ack’ (which is
packaged by all big distros, and has a plugin for at least vim), but
‘git grep’ is also very useful and sometimes works better than ack when
you just want to search indexed items.

Also, many editors have a feature that allows you to open files by fuzzy
file name search (For Vim, Ctrl-P does this, although I know this was
copied from some other editor).

During coding, there are several tools you can use to auto-complete
modules. Again, this depends on your editor, but out-of-the box, I think
Eclipse comes with most of these.