GNU Radio Companion and noise source

Hello @ all

Sorry for the bad question!
I’m trying to create a simple block with GRC, but i don’t know how to do
this. I want to transmit noise on a specific frequency but only on a
range of ± 1MHz.

| noise source | |


|Type: Gaussian | |Interpolation: 100 |
|Amplitude: 100m (0.1) | --------------> |Frequence: 929.8M |
|Seed: 42 | |Gain:


But my result (shown with is: The noise is transmitted on
a wide range (± 40MHz), because i don’t know, how to limit the range
(and the Gain value doesn’t matter…).
I try to insert a “band pass filter” between noise source and USRP2-Sink
but with no results (what values are correct for low, high cut and
transition width?).

I hope someone can help me or give me a hint how to do this :wink:

best regards

Dennis Wehrle