GNU Radio available as git repository from

We are experimenting with using the git version control system for the
GNU Radio project. Git is a distributed VCS originally written by
Linus Torvalds and is now used by the Linux kernel development
community and many other open source projects. Rather than go into
advocacy here, just Google to learn more.

Right now, there is a read-only public repository you can clone from:

$ git clone

The initial pull is about 25 MB of data, and is a mirror of the
Subversion trunk going back to the first pre-3.0 commit (r3123).

We are using the git-svn gateway to mirror Subversion trunk commits
into the the above repository, and any git commits we manually push
into the above repository will become check-ins back into the
Subversion trunk. (This process is working but does not yet operate

We are asking any of you who are already familiar with using git from
other projects to test out cloning and working locally. If you have
your own way of publishing your clone (say, via github), I am happy to
accept pull requests for development branches, though the project
policy remains that changes greater than 10 lines require a copyright
assignment on file before actual merges can be made into the official
tree. I can also accept patch submissions from git format-patch on
the patch-gnuradio mailing list.

Our eventual plan is to provide repository clones on for
each of our developers with copyright assignments, with write access
to them via ssh/public key and read only access via http. Eric or I
will be able to pull from these as needed to integrate your new
commits into the project repository.

For now, this will remain a trunk-only process, and of course, no
changes have been made to our current SVN/Trac system
. However,
unless there is real heartburn or objections from our developer
community, the goal is to eventually switch over to git only
development, and transition our release/trunk Subversion organization
to a git-based branch organization. This is unlikely to occur before
release 3.3.

Johnathan C.
Corgan Enterprises LLC