GNU radio and SDR help

Hi All,

I’m new to gnuradio, currently I’m trying to get the SDR and Raspberry pi 4 to read I(in phase) and Q (quadrature) signals, my gnuradio block codes are shown on the images below. I’m running into errors as shown below, any help on how to resolve the errors or improve the design on GNU radio is much appreciated.

I’m trying to use a 5.8 GHz antenna and a hackrf sdr connected using a Raspberry PI 4 to transmit and receive microwave signals, I’m trying to measure phase and amplitude. the current setup is 1 hackrf module, connected to the Raspberry pi 4, 1 panel wifi 5.8 GHz antenna connected to hackrf module, 1 HG5811P 5.8GHz microwave antenna also connected to hack rf module,display port cable connected to raspberry pi 4 and dell monitor.

the gnu radio block diagrams and error message is as follows:

I can only upload 1 image as im still a new user to rubyforum therefore i have pasted the gnu block picture onto the error message picture:

can send more information on my setup and images if needed

I’m just trying to get series of I and Q values when transmitting using hackrf SDR antennas

Please help



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