Gnu radio and realtime video


Hi everybody,

Right now I have 2 USRP (version 1) boxes, and did some experiments on
realtime video.

I first used in /gnuradio/gnuradio-examples/python/digital to
up a virtual connection between two USRP boxes (by assigning
non-existing IP
addresses to them). Then used VLC to stream video file between this two
boxes via UDP (we can let VLC stream video to another PC by specifying
IP address). The video quality on the receiver is pretty bad. I first
streamed a 12M video between this tunnel, but only got a black screen
up. Then I tried a 1.6M video, and got one frame displayed but then the
video stuck there and didn’t get played any more.

I’m wondering if it’s because of the limitation of USB, or the extra
overhead of tunnel setup? If I want to improve the video quality, which
should I start to improve? or should I use other methods to get the


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