GNU Radio and OS X installation - path problem?

Following the link below, in successfully installed GNU radio (with
all its dependencies) on OSX 10.5 using macport (sudo port install

the indications in here:

seem (to me) to indicate the wrong path (at least for my
installation). To have all working I had to change:

if [ ${PYTHON_ROOT} != “/usr/include” ]; then

at the end of my .bashrc

Does anybody know why?

Ps for whoever is interested in installing GNURadio on OS X … well
for me it took over 3 hours… in fact the boost lib took 2 hours to
install. But macport (and GNURadio) worked absolutely great ! Just my

Hi Fabrizio - Glad to hear you had success using MacPorts to install
GNU Radio on your 10.5 box. That’s the goal!

On Feb 19, 2010, at 1:19 PM, Fabrizio T. wrote:

at the end of my .bashrc

Does anybody know why?

The install guide was written for when one installs GNU Radio from
source by hand, not using MacPorts. I think that, so long as you’ve

sudo port install python_select
sudo python_select python26

then I don’t think you need that “if” statement at all – it’s
designed to make sure the default install ${prefix} for GNU Radio (/
usr/local) is included in the PYTHON search path. Since you installed
from MacPorts, the ${prefix} is /opt/local, which should be covered by
previous lines in the script:

setenv PYTHON_VERSION python -V |& sed -e '[email protected]\[email protected] @2' | awk '{ print $2 }' setenv
PYTHON_ROOT which python | sed -e '[email protected]/bin/[email protected]@g' setenv PYTHONPATH

You might try commenting out the whole “if” statement (then “source
~/.bashrc”) & seeing if GNU Radio still works. - MLD

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