Gnu installation problem on fedora 17

I used build-gnuradio script for installation, however at the end it is
showing following error:
Building Gnu Radio…
…Doing cmake
make failed
Exiting Gnu Radio build/install

What should I do to fix this error.


CMakeFiles/gnuradio-blocks.dir/ file not
— On Sun, 12/23/12, Marcus D. Leech /[email protected]/ wrote:

...Doing cmake
Marcus L.
Principal Investigator
Shirleys Bay Radio Astronomy Consortium

This looks like you perhaps ran out of disk space in the middle of the

I don’t think so as the folder containing files occupies around 2.4 GB
and there is still around 9GB free space as shown by the Properties of
the folder.
Any other suggestions please.

Well, near as I can tell from this error log, something (the compiler)
produced an invalid-looking object file that the linker is now
bitching (quite rightly) about. There may be clues earlier on in the
trace when was being compiled.