GNU Chirp Sounder version 1.23


My gnuradio hackfest project was to migrate code to 3.7. With the help
of a
lot of the other more programming savvy participants, I managed to
everything fairly cleanly. As a byproduct of this, my chirp sounder
receiver code now works with gnuradio 3.7 too! I did a lot of cleanup
removed the dependency on GNU R. I also added a new feature that allows
to filter out HF broadcast band interference before chirp

I wrote a small posting about the release here (with a nice video using
new HF broadcast band filtering):

And the new version of the code can be found here:

You should be able to get this working if you have a N200 series device,
GPSDO, and a broad band HF antenna (it doesn’t have to be excellent).


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Hi, Juha!
Thank you for a new version. It`s amazing and really cool project!