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  1. Introduction:
    Electronic Appliances nowadays will have more than dozens of function in
    a single module design but still, will need to consume less power than
    their predecessors. So, Power Management design in modern electronic
    devices has become a very crucial point of the product feature and,
    requirement. In order to simplify and, to have alternative solutions to
    meet with those design criterions, engineers all over the world have
    been working very hard to come out with more advanced and more
    integrated solutions on the Power Management IC. Linear Artwork Inc.,
    foresees this demand and, is doing all her best to come out with various
    kind of Power Management IC solution in helping the designers worldwide
    to bring up with more compact system design, a longer operation time,
    and even more cost effective new system architecture, for those modern

  2. Product Lines:
    • LINEAR| Buck Converter
    • LINEAR| Buck Controller
    • LINEAR| LED Driver
    • LINEAR| Linear Regulator
    • LINEAR| Class-D Audio Amplifier

  3. Feature of Products:
    • Fixed 1.8V and Adjustable Output Voltage
    • 2.5 to 6.5V Input Voltage Range
    • Continous 600mA Output Capability
    • 1.5MHz Oscilation Frequency
    • 0.6 V Reference Voltage
    • Adjustable Output Voltage up to 32V
    • Driving up to 6 Series LEDs
    • 2.5V to 10V Input Voltage Range
    • 320mA Switching Current Limit
    • 1.2MHz Oscillation Frequency