Gnn components_ global connector distributor


  1. Introduction :
    Global Connector Technology Limited (GCT) is a leading designer and
    manufacturer of standard and custom interconnect products. GCT is
    focusing on design and marketing quality & reliable connectors for
    applications in Mobile & Wireless Communication, Computer & Peripherals,
    Digital Entertainment, Networking, Industrial, Automation, Security,
    Medical, Instrumentation and other Consumer Electronics Products. GCT
    offer interconnect products that are UL, ISO900: 2008 and RoHS
    compliant. We leverage extensive worldwide resources to meet customer
    needs on local, regional and all level.
  2. Product Line :

GCT_Board to board connectors
GCT_Custom connectors
GCT_FFC connectors and Cable
GCT_Memory connectors
GCT_Modular connectors
GCT_Sim connectors
GCT_USB connectors

  1. Featured of Product :
    Dual SIM connectors
    Dual SIM slots allow plugging of two SIM cards into one connector,
    saving you PCB space and cutting the cost of PCB placement. This enables
    applications using two GSM accounts in one device. In personal handheld
    applications the connector permits use of ‘work’ and ‘personal’
    Micro B and A/B Receptacle
    Ultra-small, almost 60% smaller than a Mini USB Receptacle - uses less
    space.Bottom, mid and reverse mount SMT types and vertical DIP type
    available for different design configurations.5 pin right angle type,
    full compliant to USB2.0 (backward compatible to USB1.0 & 1.1). 30µ"
    gold plated contacts for low contact resistance (<30mOhm). Mid Mount
    requires a PCB cutout which allows height saving for space critical
    designs. PCB shell stakes and plastic peg options allow extra physical
    strength and solder process PCB retention. Improved durability for a
    guaranteed life of 10,000 mating / unmating cycles. Metal shielding
    minimizes EMI interference to other components. Wide flat top surface
    with tape & reel packing suitable for easy pick & place mounting.