GMSK Transmit

I am working a project where I need to receive bytes via a UDP source,
encode as GMSK and transmit via Ettus UHD.

My main question is how do I set the bit rate since I really cannot
the UDP source? My receiving radio is expecting 9600 bps.

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Fortunately, the rate is set by the USRP sample rate, not by the rate of
the UDP block.


It is dependent on sample rate of graph. You may check this video for
an example to transmit 9600 bps GFSK

In this case, sample rate effectively set by throttle block because of
no real hardware:
96000 samples/second

GFSK modulator:
10 samples/symbol

results in 9600 symbols/second and assuming 1 bit per symbol, 9600 bps.

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