GLoc Localization Library v1.1 Released


For those interested, I have released v1.1 of GLoc today. Head on over
to to download it, or do an ‘svn
update’ if you’re using trunk.

Here’s a list of what’s new:

  • The charset for each and/or all languages can now be easily
  • Added a ActionController filter that auto-detects the client language.
  • The rake task “sort” now merges lines that match 100%, and warns if
    duplicate keys are found.
  • Rule support. Create flexible rules to handle issues such as
  • Massive speed and stability improvements to development mode.
  • Added Russian strings. (Thanks to Evgeny Lineytsev)
  • Complete RDoc documentation.
  • Improved helpers.
  • GLoc now configurable via get_config and set_config
  • Added an option to tell GLoc to output various verbose information.
  • More useful functions such as set_language_if_valid, similar_language
  • GLoc’s entire internal state can now be backed up and restored.

Enjoy :slight_smile: