Globalize vs. GetText for static text

I have been evaluating both Globalize and GetText for an application
where I will be primarily translating static strings (i.e. I’m not
translating values in the model).

I initially preferred Globalize because it seemed to be a more rails-ish
way to do things, but I’m somewhat confused about how I would actually
use Globalize for my task.

As I understand, Globalize stores all of it’s translated strings in a
database. These strings (unless you manually make a translation call)
aren’t created until the first time the application accesses that
particular string. My question is how do people manage these strings in
the build/deployment environment? There are three parts to this 1) how
to migrate these strings to a new database 2) how to ensure that if the
base translation changes that the dependent translations are flagged for
update 3) how to get a complete list of strings which need to be

I admit that I’m approaching this problem in a GetText sort of way so
I’m hoping that I’m just missing something fundamental in Globalize
which will address these issues. I can imagine it wouldn’t be difficult
for me to add some of this functionality, but I didn’t want to reinvent
the wheel.

Any guidance would be appreciated,