Globalize login engine?


Before posting this suggestion, I have searched the archives finding
no other discussion of this. So if this has already been discussed
please throw a link at me :slight_smile:

I’ve bumped my head into the fact that none of the flash-messages
inside login engine are translated - or prepared for it. I could make
my own version of the user controller and all the user views making
it totally unrealistic to ever upgrade login engine (and others using
globalize out there could do the same). Or I could volunteer to do
the dirty job and make login engine translateable :slight_smile:

I’m aware that there’s other translation systems out there, so I
would patch up LoginEngine to only support Globalize. What I had in
mind was a method that would do the translation through whatever
translation module one would require.

An example:

flash[:notice] = translate_string(“Login succesful”)

and in the autenticated_system.rb add a method like:

def translate_string(str)

I’m sure some ruby-wiseguys at this list can make the
translate_string function more dynamic (like detecting translation
system or something).

The above implementation would make my life easier - and hopefully a
lot of others as well :slight_smile:

Gitte W.

It’s unlikely that the “login engine” will support any kind of
globalisation features in the near future, since it’s not something
that we currently need. However, you are free to add these features
yourself and roll your own version of the plugin for internal use, or
the community at large.