Globalize list: Sketch of new globalize tutorial by szymek

Again a pbly. interesting post by “szymek” to the globalize list (which
still has no archive as far as I know):

– begin –


I’ve created a sketch of a tutorial about how to use globalize to
translate an existing rails app.
You can find it here:
I couldn’t find complete globalize tutorial anywhere, so i decided to
create one and hope that you will help :slight_smile:

As English is not my native language (i’m Polish), i made lots of
mistakes there and i strongly encourage everyone to correct them. I’m
not sure if even the title of the page is correct :slight_smile: I’m also not really
sure if i should write “Now we have to create…” or “Now you have to
create…” or just “Create…” so unfortunately you can find mix of all
these forms.

I’m Ruby/Rails newbie, so the technical part can also have lots of
mistakes. Feel free to correct/add/remove/improve anything you think
will make this tutorial better.

I have few questions and propositions for the tutorial:

  1. How to put url in

    tags? Textile
    automatically adds link.
  2. Could you guys take a look at the built_in column problem? I could
    remove then the whole WARNING part. I’m not sure if only i have this

  3. There’s a problem with routes in the tutorial. If i go to
    “localhost:3000/admin/” i get “localhost:3000/en/admin/admin/products”.
    If i specify locale in the route for ‘admin’ it works correctly so i
    assume there’s something wrong in my :set_locale method in

  4. How to display a single object in 2 languages on a single page? Do i
    need to get both versions from the database? Currently i’m using
    @instance_variable.switch_language method provided by
    globalize_extension plugin, which was posted by Olivier Amblet on this
    mailing list. The plugin is great, but i’m not sure if there shouldn’t
    be globalize only solution in the tutorial. Maybe this plugin could be
    integrated with globalize? Also i’m not sure if Olivier Amblet is the
    only author of this plugin. Olivier, if you want feel free to change it.

  5. Is it possible to upload files (globalize_extension plugin) and
    pictures to the globalize wiki server?

  6. It would be nice to say something about adding/using pluralizations,
    and localization of dates/currency (that’s why i’ve added
    created/updated_on and price fields to product model).

  7. Add a chapter about translating error messages (maybe they could be
    built-in like dates?)

  8. Add short introduction.

  9. Upload non-globalize and globalized versions of the app? It could be
    helpful as the reference and probably could clear up many inaccuracies.

  10. Correct the styling (i.e. add different background color for notes,
    change font, maybe move it to the right?)

– end –

If you are interested in evaluating Globalize try

This is an excellent writing that helps you through all the hassles you
might have with setting up Globalize. And you might learn about a couple
of other fine rails things.

I’m currently trying this with Oracle, more about this in a followup

A big thanks to szymek!

  • Bernd

Your article was by far the most useful when trying to figure out how to
‘globalize’ my site. Many thanks.

If you could add a way to somehow automatically ‘grab’ text from
babbelfish or google translate - it would be a real bonus.