Glimmer DSL for LibUI Scaffolding + Snake Game

Glimmer DSL for LibUI 0.9.x versions include support for a new Glimmer Command, Application Scaffolding, Custom Component Scaffolding, Custom Component Gem Scaffolding, and more. These features greatly improve Software Engineering Productivity when building desktop applications with Glimmer DSL for LibUI. Glimmer Scaffolding could be thought of as the “Desktop Application” equivalent of Rails Scaffolding and Generators. In fact, I ate my own dog food and used the new Application Scaffolding feature to effortlessly scaffold a Glimmer Snake game.

Learn more in this blog post:

Glimmer DSL for LibUI Github: GitHub - AndyObtiva/glimmer-dsl-libui: Glimmer DSL for LibUI - Prerequisite-Free Ruby Desktop Development Cross-Platform Native GUI Library - The Quickest Way From Zero To GUI - If You Liked Shoes, You'll Love Glimmer! - No need to pre-install any prerequisites. Just install the gem and have platform-independent GUI that just works on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Glimmer Snake GitHub: GitHub - AndyObtiva/glimmer_snake: Classic Snake game (popularized by Nokia phones)