GlassFish gem ver 0.9.1 released

GlassFish gem 0.9.1 is
It has lots of bug fixes and performance improvements.


22724 “asadmin” in %JRUBY_HOME\bin should be renamed to avoid
22741 JRuby on Rails on Glassfish — Unexplainable NameError
22774 Gem 0.9.0 does not work in Production on Windows with JRuby 1.4+
22793 0.9.0 gem has ‘Activator start error’
22795 -p option throws BindException
22836 Glassfish gem 0.9 problems on Ubuntu and Windows
22861 Error if RAILS_GEM_VERSION isn’t defined
23007 uninitialized constant Rack while creating error app
23090 Environment flag -e is not correctly used for Merb app Issues

6754 Running Typo in GlassFish Gem throws multiple exceptions
6764 “Rails” text shows up when deploying anything
6765 GlassFish Gem does not list rack as a dependency
6767 Impossible to set production environment for merb

*How to use:
Simply type glassfish in your application directory. If not sure see

jruby -S glassfish -h

You can see the GlassFish gem documentation at: Try it out and send your feedback to
forum report issues at the issue tracker.