GlassFish gem 0.9.5 released

I am pleased to announce availability of GlassFish gem 0.9.5. It was
released in quick succession of 0.9.4 as a fix in 0.9.4 version broke
GlassFish gem integration with NetBeans 6.7. RC1.

GlassFish gem documentation at:

Bugs fixed in this release:

23754 glassfish gem rails dependencies defect

24633 Better checking for arguments

24787 Problem with config.load_paths

24828 deadlock in GFFileHandler

25068 --pid option never works

25169 Add support for logging message on console

25252 cannot start if glassfish gem file is readonly:

25253 extra initialization of Rails inside grizzly-jruby.jar causes

25254 grizzly helper in grizzly-jruby.jar doesn’t handle numeric headers

25424 can’t find header dir for ruby

25560 Starting multiple glassfish instances seems to have logging

25970 Debugging via NetBeans: setting breakpoints fails with error
on server console.

5404 SQLite3 with v3 Gem requires additional database configuration

7380 Duplicate glassfish scripts in JRUBY_HOME/bin