Git support in gr_modtool


the master branch has a new feature for modtool: git support.

If enabled, ‘gr_modtool create’ will automatically turn the newly
created directory into a git repository and add all the new files.

The modtool subcommands add, rm, disable and makexml can then update
the git index when operating.

To enable git support, either use the switch --scm-mode, which is
globally available for all subcommands, or add scm_mode=auto (or
scm_mode=yes) to the [modtool] section of your .gnuradio/config.conf.
The default behaviour is to not use git support.
Available options for scm_mode are: yes, no and auto. The latter
autodetects the presence of a repository and does nothing if no repo is

Note that ‘commit’ is not called by gr_modtool. This is because most of
the time, a git commit is not done after calling gr_modtool add.

Some background: gr_modtool actually calls the ‘git’ executable to do
this. Support for GitPython is there, but GitPython has proven a bit
shaky when mixed with the command line client, so it’s currently
deactivated. There are safeguards to make sure that nothing happens if
no git is detected, but if someone finds some bug with with, please
contact me.

Finally, if there is real demand for other source control management
systems, that can be added quite easily. For now, only git is supported.



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