Git remote branches for deployment

Hey there,

This is possibly a better question for the Git community, but thought
that I’d ask here first.

I’m having a little trouble figuring out a sane way of managing remote
branches for deployment. Mainly due to just a lot of confusion about
how to do it.

We have a few environments for deployment (sandbox, staging, and
production) and am not sure how to best manage two remote branches for
deployment (and keep it easy for our team to work on both of those
branches). With SVN, we were just switching over to the various
remote branches as necessary, but I really don’t find this to be as
straight forward with Git.

I saw this on Github ( ) and at first it
looks like it might do the trick, but someone who referenced that to
me said they didn’t advise it because it wouldn’t retain history
properly (not really sure what he meant).

Any advice as I dive further into this?



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