Git Environment problem


I’m trying to push my rails app to the remote depository. Unfortunately
i get this error:

*** Environment problem:
*** Your name cannot be determined from your system services (gecos).
*** You would need to set GIT_AUTHOR_NAME and GIT_COMMITTER_NAME
*** environment variables; otherwise you won’t be able to perform
*** certain operations because of “empty ident” errors.
*** Alternatively, you can use configuration variable.

I found some answers on google, but nothing seems to work. So I tried
all these things:

  1. change bash_profile (I have however newest version client & remote)

You’re probably using a slightly older version of git that needs you to
export some variables:
$ export GIT_AUTHOR_NAME=”whatever”
$ export GIT_COMMITER_NAME=”whatever”

  1. change git config

git config --global Joe Random Hacker
git config --global [email protected]

  1. cheched user info

Make sure your Full Name is not empty in chsh => seems to be ok

This absolutely makes no sense to me. I’m on osx. Does anyone have a
clue why I keep getting this error?