Getting typo RSS feed to appear in Google Web Clips

I can’t add the URL for my typo (3.99.1) blog into gmail web clips.
When I
used at this url

The warnings I get are:

  • Feeds should not be served with the “text/html” media type
  • Your feed appears to be encoded as “UTF-8”, but your server is

Do you think these are the problem? Can I fix these errors in typo?

Can you file this as a bug against milestone 4.0?


Make sure the xml mime-type is in your server’s config. If you use the
default lighttpd one I don’t think it is in there. Add this to
/config/lighttpd.conf mime-types section:

“.xml” => “text/xml”,

Ah, page caching is definately the problem. If I flush the cache, and
it through feed validator, it works fine the first time. Then,
hits to the page say the type text/html. I am using apache mod_proxy
mongrel and the latest typo gem 3.99.3.

Your sever doesn’t really have much to do with this, except when page
caching is turned on (which is a whole other pain in the neck). We
should be explicitly setting the content type and encoding when we’re
generating data, and then making sure that the action cache does the
right thing when it replays old data.


You mean you’re getting a bad content-type? The code shouldn’t have
changed, but I’ll retest.

4.0.2 will probably be out today anyway, to go along with Rails 1.1.6.


This page caching problem with the RSS feeds seems to be back in 4.0.1.
thought I had tested it with 4.0.0 and it was not a problem, but it
definately is again now. I’m using Apache 2, mod_proxy and typo 4.0.1
mongrel and sqlite. Any idea why this is happening?

I can’t reproduce this with my blog:

Are you doing anything unusual? Did you re-enable the page cache or
anything like that, or are you running a straight Typo 4.0.1 install?


I’m not doing anything unusual. I didn’t explictly enable/re-enable
caching (wouldn’t know how to). It is just a straight Type 4.0.1
using Apache 2 wiht mod_proxy. The problem appears to be caching
When I clear the fragment cache, the first hit to the RSS feed correctly
returns text/xml. Sub-sequent requests incorrectly return text/html.

I can see if happening with your site, but it’s not happening with my
site. Let’s test a few more, and then release 4.0.3 if we need to. I
don’t have time to test this before we spit out 4.0.2, unfortunately.


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