Getting Things Done in IRB (A sort of TODO list thing)

Hi folks.

Just a little script to share with any folks who’ve read and follow
the Getting Things Done system. I must warn you, this is a grossly
simplified (or more positively, open ended) implementation of the

I generally use my own lazy style of GTD where I keep most actions
unlabeled until I feel like they need to be. When I do label them, I
don’t necessarily use the labels the book suggested, but rather just
assign arbitrary tags to them that are meaningful to me.

So the following bit of code allows me to manage a TODO list from any
of my irb sessions, and I just use pure ruby to do complex finds and
stuff when necessary.

It’s definitely not a complete solution, but I figured it might spark
a few ideas,

Example and code:

I initialize a pstore db in my .irbrc to allow me global access.

So your .irbc will include

GTD.init “~/.gtd”

(or whatever the location is) which is executed whenever IRB starts up?

Pretty nifty!