Getting the controller Name dynamically


I have a application where I define Templates which are nothing but a
MVC structures.

For e.g. I have a template called Multiple_Choice_Questions which
corresponds to MultipleChoiceQuestionsController and so on. These values
are defined in the DB and there are many templates that are defined.

I am able to instantiate this class model for e.g. using the following


and I can also put the following in the view to go directly to the

<%= link_to content_tag(:span, “New Question”) ,{ :controller =>
@section.template.template_class.downcase ,:action=>:new, :section=>@ } %>

and both of these work perfectly fine.

Now here is my question. In order to segregate these different
templates, I
plan to move them into individual folder, i.e. for e.g.
MathTemplate:: MultipleChoiceQuestions Controller which would be a
controller under the MathTemplate folder.

I can achieve the instantiation using
but I am struggling with the following

<%= link_to content_tag(:span, “New Question”) ,{ :controller =>
@section.template.template_class.downcase ,:action=>:new, :section=>@ } %>

What should I put so that the controller is properly recognized.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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