Getting Started with RoR

Hey guys! I’ve been hearing so much about how great this RoR stuff is
that I’ve decided to put some effort into learning it, but I’m having
a problem. I’ve been trying for about two weeks now to just get going
with it but I’m not having much luck. What I’m specifically trying to
do is install and get running the latest versions of rails, ruby,
mongrel and apache on a Debian 4.0 system and learn how to start
developing web based applications with it. So, pretty much
everything. :slight_smile: Does anyone know where I can find some online
tutorials or know of some good books I can buy that will help me with
this stuff? I’d really appreciate any help anyone can offer. Thanks!

All together now: 1, 2, 3

“Agile Web D. with Rails 2nd Ed”

This is the standard book to get you started and take you to a good
level of understanding and ability with Rails - it should be (and
probably is) on even the most seasoned rails developers’ book shelves:

or from amazon:



Thanks! I’ll definitely get that.

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or from amazon:



good one steve. slammed that topic but good!

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If you’re just starting out, my recommendation is to read Why’s
Poignant Guide to Ruby first. It’s free! After that, try’s
Essential Ruby on Rails. It’s alot better than reading a book. You
can read me review at
courses-lynda-vs-vtc/ which compares Lynda and VTC.

Good luck.