Getting Started with Databases

Hi everyone. Brief intro - I’m in the process of redesigning a website
I’m exploring programming options for the redesign. I discovered ruby in
efforts to understand it and maybe make a recommendation.

Anyway, currently I am trying to create a database and a table, and be
to vew and edit it with the web front.

I am working from a tutorial called “Getting Started with Databases”
is where it begins. I am successfull until the last step where I go to
it online and I get the error message:

NameError in Controller#View
undefined local variable or method for Controller

then it gives me my rails root.

under response it says:
"Cache-Control "=>“no cache”}

I’m using the latest version of ror. Any help to get past this or point
to a truly helpful tutorial with databases will be extremely welcomed

You’ve kinda missed out the critical information, what the last few
bits of the stack trace are…

Guessing you have spelt a variable wrongly somewhere. Be careful
following old tutorials with Rails 2.x, a lot has changed.

Paste me the stack trace if you haven’t already found the problem for

Best of luck


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