Getting started and webservices

I am about to get started on my first ruby on rails project! However I
want to make sure I can do everything I need. :slight_smile:

One item I am not sure about is webservices, its not something I have
done before. I am used to database style websites.

How easy is it to create a Ruby on Rails webservice thats a sender and
receiver. I need to “enable” the following webservice

This webserice allows you to send SMS (text messages for mobiles) and
receive them as well so the web service needs to be two way. How easy
is this ? is their a sample I could work from to intergate this ?

Thanks very much - you might see a few posts from me over the coming
weeks - really need to get my head around Ruby!



You may want to start by looking at SOAP4R
don’t believe it is a very active project and I had several issues using
but i believe it is the only ruby SOAP gem around.


The latest Ruby has some support for SOAP services. I have not tried
these myself, but take a look at what Ruby provides and see if that is
sufficient for your needs.

On a side note, depending on the features of that service you need,
they do have a RESTful (HTTP Post) service as well as SOAP. That may
be all your really need and you won’t have to fight the ugly battle of
SOAP web services at all. Like I said it depends on your needs.
Their SOAP service may have more features I didn’t spend that much
time looking at it.

In any case, I think I would try out the REST route first, then move
to SOAP only if I really needed it.

Looks like the SOAP support in the ruby stdlib is soap4r: