Getting started and and homework programs (17 & Newbie)

Hey so I’m fresh out of code academy and I’ve wanted to get started with making automation programs just as a hobby. The first major problem that I have that I can’t get help with and is stopping me is that when I started trying to install Ruby on Visual Studio along with Rubo_Cop (hence the Username lol) I get the error:
“rubocop.bat is not executable”
“execute path is empty! please check ruby.rubocop.executePath”
Now there’s been a few things I’ve seen online but either they don’t work or I just can’t follow them. I like the way Visual Studio looks which is why I chose that first but if there’s a different software that I can use or help with the bug then any help (Youtube videos and Web Links also work) is super appreciated. The other thing I wanted to add in here since I’m sure that people with more experience would probably be better with is but ideas and where to start with making programs that can use things like Selenium, Cucumber, Nokogiri, Http-party,rails,etc. to automate homework for a start since a lot of what I get is repetitive tasks and copy-pasting things from google. It’s both fun conceptually and saves time out of my day so I’m curious about where to start and potential programs that I can start working on.

I don’t use Visual Studio, but the message looks like VS is complaining that it can’t execute rubocop.bat. If you have installed it correctly, you likely just need to find where it is and tell VS, probably in some kind of config or settings menu. My first Google search for vscode configure rubocop found, which explains how to do it. If most of your homework consists of cutting and pasting things you find on Google, you should be right at home with this :roll_eyes:

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