Getting routing errors

Hi guys,

I am getting some routing errors which, I have not mentioned in
routing.rb, these are somewhat like js,css or some xml files missing.
The sample error is

ActionController::RoutingError (no route found to match
“/reviews-ratings/rss.xml” with {:method=>:get}):

Here as these are not in our website, nobody can encounter these, but
still we are getting errors. Please help me, if anybody come across,
this kind of errors.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi I had tht error to (many times)!!
In my case it normaly was bec i didn’t write the correct URL so have a
look if u did so…
an i think u donot need the .xml !! so good luck with ur problem!

I’d check to see if you’re defining paths to things like stylesheets
absolutely - ie linking to /style.css rather than style.css (no
slash). The helpers do this automatically, but double check that your
code is correct.

That causes problems because, when you’re in a controller /some-
controller, the relative URL will be looking for the CSS at /some-
controller/style.css if the path is relative.

–Matt J.

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