Getting incompatabilities with IE but not Firefox; thoughts?

I’ve got the following code in a view:

<%= link_to_remote(“Activities by Request”,
:update => “chartDisplay”,
:url => {:action => :show_spinner}, :complete
=> remote_function(:update => “chartDisplay”, :url =>
{:action => :activities_by_request, :name =>}) ) %>

This renders to:

Activities by

In Firefox, this functions just the way I need it to. It executes my
show_spinner action and then calls the activities_by_request action and
does what I need it to do. However in IE I only see the first action
fired (and it doesn’t completely work and all that happens in that
action is a render_text).

More info that might help out…

Any thoughts or suggestions? I’ve done basic prototype AJAX calls
before while not using Rails, so I don’t understand why they’re not
functioning here.