Getting gem rdoc via ri?


I’m working with the new RadRails release (0.5.3), which has a very
nifty inclusion of ri courtesy of RDT.

Problem is, although I’ve generated rdoc for all installed gems with
“gem rdoc --all”, it’s not accessible through ri. I see some posts here
and there about rimport…is this still the necessary way to incorporate
the rails rdoc into ri?


This is a great tip… Thanks a TON…


I posted my question to the Ruby list and got a few very good
responses…here was my solution, FYR:

Apparently, someone had already thought of doing this and didn’t, as
evidenced by the following lines in rubygems/doc_manager.rb:

#TODO: Why is this throwing an error?
#ri =
#ri.document([’-R’] + source_dirs)

Anyway, I was successful…I’ll look at making this more integrated and
submitting as a patch, but for the quick hack all it took was changing
the following line (58 in my version):

r.document([’–quiet’, ‘–op’, rdoc_dir] + @rdoc_args.flatten +


r.document([’–quiet’, ‘–op’, ‘–merge’, ‘-r’, ‘–ri-system’, rdoc_dir]

  • @rdoc_args.flatten + source_dirs)

It worked perfectly…all Rails classes, etc, are now in ri.

Thanks guys!


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