Getting error message when starting Instant Rails

I get a message saying “inetinfo.exe” is using port 80, so apache
isn’t starting. Any idea on how to get apache to use another port or
other suggestions on how to resolve this problem?

Well one option is just to change Apache’s port as you said. I don’t
remember the exact steps off the top of my head but InstantRails has a
dialog box where you can select to open the Apache configuration file.
In there just change from “80” to whatever you want.

I would like to point out that Apache doesn’t actually have to be
running to see your rails application if you use “ruby script/server” to
start the process. Once you are in your rails application, simply start
the server using that command and then go to “http://localhost:3000” and
you should see the rails application.

Apache isn’t actually that important to get started testing your rails