Getting data from an RS-232 port

What is the best way to do this:

  1. Request measurement data from a scientific device connected to PC
    with RS-232 cable. (On Windows XP box)
  2. Receive data
  3. Display data in an app for a user to add comments and input other
    measurements that are not sent down the RS-232 cable
  4. Send data to database

I can do 3) and 4) (I think) but I don’t know about getting data from
the serial port.

Will someone give me advice?
Any help appreciated,

PS Bonus question:
I want to do the app in RoR but time-conscious collegues are strongly
suggesting I do it in Java. I understand that the support for the “way”
to do it in Java has been withdrawn for Windows, so whichever way we do
it we may have to have a C program talking to the device. Is this
correct? Any comments on RoR vs Java for this?

Dot D. wrote:

Hi Karen,

The way to do this is to have a client program that runs on Windows and
POSTs the data to the website. Steps (1) and (2) will typically involve
the implementation of a piece of software that meets your protocol
requirements and can receive data from it.

This is exactly what I have just done for a client. Would you like to
contact me off list?


Mohit S. wrote:

Would you like to

contact me off list?

Hi Mohit,
That would be good - how do I do that? I post these messages via and I can’t see an email address for you!

Dot D. wrote: and I can’t see an email address for you!

Hi Karen,

I keep forgetting that not everyone is on the mailing list :smiley:
You can reach me - mohits AT onghu DOT com